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Today there is a new question is in front of the companies that they should adopt the inhouse made ERP or not ? There are a lot more benefits by using the in-house developed ERP software for an organization like -  
free from delays and uncertainties
software as per according to the company requirements
successful gain towards competitive advantage
number of modules as per according to the company needs so no extra investment
Now there is an additional question which is more interesting for the ERP software developers is that which development platform should be considered for developing your ERP custom application ?
So .net framework with its tools and components is the most considerable and convenient platform because of the following facilities -
Managed code is better and errors are easily identified
No possibility of system crash
It would be harmful for hacker to break the .net security model
Provides connectivity to the XML web services
Excellent debugging and error handling tools
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ERP software (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a standard, customizable and open source application packages which has the features of executing core processes and automating activities related to the administrative and departmental activities, so that the coordination and communication gap between the different entities of an organization can be parsed off.
Success factors contributing to ERP implementation in an institute or organization –
Complete top management support
Proper data analysis and forecasting methodologies
Proper user training and involvement
Successful change management implemented practices
Minimal opposition of departments
Ready to go aptitude by employees
Clear goals and objectives by organization side
Effective communication system
In depth knowledge of software consultants
How to implement the ERP software in an organization successfully? –
The biggest reasons of the non implementation of an ERP solution successfully is that the ERP implementation is done by the routine employees with an inadequate training and another one is not supporting top and middle level management. But still some actionable steps are for to be taken into consideration ERP implementation –
Software should be easy enough to understand with low complexity.
By providing proper training schedule to the key users.
By awaring key users about the benefits of the ERP solutions in the surrounding environment.
By ending various legacy problems between the partners.
By employing the employees lacking education in ERP solutions and provide direct training.
By selecting the appropriate ERP solutions which is best suitable towards company needs.
Selecting the ERP solution which can be secured enough with the firewalls and provide 24 X 7 support.
Advantages of ERP –
Tells management about the ongoing status of activities in their organization.
Encapsulates the better coordination between the departments and the management.
Time and cost reduction in processes.
Innovates new technology in organization.
Helps in faster decision making
To achieve the competitive advantage and goals and objectives.

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