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Today there is a new question is in front of the companies that they should adopt the inhouse made ERP or not ? There are a lot more benefits by using the in-house developed ERP software for an organization like -  
free from delays and uncertainties
software as per according to the company requirements
successful gain towards competitive advantage
number of modules as per according to the company needs so no extra investment
Now there is an additional question which is more interesting for the ERP software developers is that which development platform should be considered for developing your ERP custom application ?
So .net framework with its tools and components is the most considerable and convenient platform because of the following facilities -
Managed code is better and errors are easily identified
No possibility of system crash
It would be harmful for hacker to break the .net security model
Provides connectivity to the XML web services
Excellent debugging and error handling tools
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An ERP software is the most necessary tool for any business especially for manufacturing companies which can handle the each and every task by operating the all kind of manufacturing operations by using its own modules. Without the use of a proper ERP software a manufacturing business would have to be deploy a number of different software and applications to enjoy the data handling.
An integrated ERP application is always capable to manage all the business operations by using its modules regarding all the departments like - HR, marketing, distribution, payroll and accounting so that all kind of data can be handled as per according to the standardized format and it can be displayed to the user in a friendly and common environment.
The overall important factor for any manufacturing industry is to select the appropriate ERP product selection. This helps in reducing the cost at the implementation time. With this, the additional requirement is to select the number of modules as per according to the needs of the organization because how much the number of modules will be there, the cost will be much in that quantity.
Today the selection of the ERP software also depends on the licensing fee. People today selects the ERP software on the basis of the licensing fee, and if they have the open source code software, there is no need of paying licensing fee to the vendor.
In addition of this, the cloud hosting and deployment costs should also be considered as the selection of the proper ERP placement. Hope you have liked this post ! Thanks for reading the post !  

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