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Today there is a new question is in front of the companies that they should adopt the inhouse made ERP or not ? There are a lot more benefits by using the in-house developed ERP software for an organization like -  
free from delays and uncertainties
software as per according to the company requirements
successful gain towards competitive advantage
number of modules as per according to the company needs so no extra investment
Now there is an additional question which is more interesting for the ERP software developers is that which development platform should be considered for developing your ERP custom application ?
So .net framework with its tools and components is the most considerable and convenient platform because of the following facilities -
Managed code is better and errors are easily identified
No possibility of system crash
It would be harmful for hacker to break the .net security model
Provides connectivity to the XML web services
Excellent debugging and error handling tools
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Indian handicraft industry is well renowned for its connection with the topographical beliefs, social and religious beliefs and climate factors. The very first background of the handicraft is mentioned in the ramayana and mahabharata epics and also in Indus valley civilization.
Indian Handicraft are also famous in the whole world because of its foreign trade and techniques with use of materials. The time of indus valley civilization can be seen from 3000 B.C. when vedas were being narrated.
In vedas we can also see the reference of the many handicraft arts like - pottery making, sculptures and weaving arts. These handicraft items were sent to the arabian and european countries via sea routes for export purposes.
In the ancient handicraft arts, many stupas are the greatest examples of wood carving  and stone carving in which the sanchi stupa temple is very famous. Besides this the contemporary jewelry making world is also very famous.
In many of the buddhist scriptures there are many examples which shows that the Indian handicraft culture is also affected somewhere from the Greek influence. The handicraft art work can also can be seen in the Gupta period in the Ajanta and Ellora caves and it is also called the Golden Period handicrafts.    
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